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Cavern Diver

Starting the journey

Intro to Cave Diver

Joining the darkside

Full Cave Diver

Developing your experience

“Survival depends on being able to suppress anxiety and replace it with calm, clear, quick, and correct reasoning.”

“Survival depends on being able to suppress anxiety and replace it with calm, clear, quick, and correct reasoning.”

Sheck Exley Cave Diving Pioneer & Explorer

Learn to Cave Dive - A Beginners Guide

Are you ready for the challenge?

Find out what it takes

A walk through the cave diver learning journey. From starting your overhead training through to developing yourself as a seasoned cave diver.

A beginners guide to cave diving
Pau Azia Dalit

Cavern & Intro to Cave Student

“…I’m really hooked into cave diving. Matt is a professional instructor and experienced technical diver who will share lots of tips to you…”

Javier Navarro Romero

Cavern & Intro to Cave Student

“…a good professional instructor. After doing the Intro to Cave + Caverns with Matt, I couldn’t be more satisfied…”

Carlos Cereceda López

Intro to Cave Student

“After more than 30 diving courses, I can say that Matt is one of the best diving instructors that I have had…”


Cavern & Intro to Cave Student

“..I didn’t feel unsafe at any point, everything was under control and Matt inspired a lot of trust in this new and intimidating environment…”

– Pau Aiza Dalit (Spain)

– Javier Navarro (Belgium)

– Carlos Cereceda López (Germany)

– Gerard Vila (Spain)

Overhead Course Matrix

Overhead Course Matrix

We can deliver a full range of overhead training courses. Available to take using either open or closed circuit equipment. And in either back-mount or side-mount configuration.

There are three primary overhead training courses. Starting with Cavern Diver as the entry-level, Intro to Cave Diver as the intermediate level, then culminating with Full Cave Diver as the final level.

Each course is the prerequisite of the next, with courses taken in sequential order. Following the three primary courses, comes the Cave Diver Specialities. These offer you the opportunity to expand your cave diving potential further.

Learn to Cave Dive - Course Grid

Where will you take your cave diving course?

Our training locations

Predominantly we run our cave diver training courses throughout the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. Across these locations are many cave diving sites suitable for all levels of cave diver and training courses.

We can also arrange to conduct courses throughout the rest of mainland Europe, or at a location of choice on special request.

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Cave Diving in the UK

United Kingdom

Find out more about cave diving in the UK
Cave Diving in Ireland


Find out more about cave diving in Ireland
Cave Diving in France


Find out more about cave diving in France
Cave Diving in Spain


Find out more about cave diving in Spain
Cave Diving in Portugal


Find out more about cave diving in Portugal

Technical Diving International

Technical Diving International

All of our overhead training is conducted with Technical Diving International (TDI). TDI is a world-renowned diver training agency, and with them, we can offer you a full range of overhead training courses.

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Find out more about TDI
Uber Scuba

Uber Scuba

Our sister company, primarily focussed on recreational and technical diving.

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Apeks Diving

We can supply and service the full range of Apeks regulators and equipment.

Seacraft DPV

Sea Craft DPV’s

We can supply, service and of course train on the use of Sea Craft DPV’s.

Freedom Dive System Logo Round

Freedom Dive Systems

Equipment designed by divers for divers. Used by our very own instructors.

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