Continuing diver development

Progression as a cave diver

As a full cave diver, you will be well versed in the essential skills required for diving in the overhead environment. You by now are likely already wanting to extend your limits further. That is where the range of cave diver specialities come into their own.

Specifically focussed on trained cave divers looking to gain additional training and expertise or those cave divers looking to specialise their cave diving in a certain direction.

There are a number of cave diver specialities available. The specialities we can offer are;

  • Stage Cave
  • Cave DPV
  • Mine Diver
  • Cave Survey
  • SRT Rope Access

All of these specialities are priced on request, based on a number of variables. Consideration will be given to the existing level of experience, the number of students, training location and any specialist logistics/equipment required.

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