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Booking Procedure, Deposit & Final Balance

  • Published Pricing; Course pricing is available on our website.
  • Booking Procedure; To book on to any of our courses please contact us via email.
  • Course Deposit; To confirm a place on any of our courses a deposit payment of 25% of the advertised course price must be received. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable (to another person).
  • Remaining Balance; The remaining balance is due in full no later than 48 hours before the course commences.

Cancellation, Changes & Refunds

  • If we cancel; A full refund will be issued for all monies paid to LtCD. No refund will be given against the student’s individual expenses, for example, travel and accommodation costs. For this reason, we recommend all students should have current travel insurance with the appropriate level of cover.
  • If you cancel; Up to 48 hours before the course start date, a full refund minus the deposit will be paid. Less than 48 hours before the course commences no refunds will be given.
  • If you need to change the date; Up to 48 hours before the course start date, a full refund minus the deposit will be paid. Less than 48 hours before the course commences no refunds will be given.

Ensuring you are ready to start

Course Preperation

Course Preparation

  • Home Study; We prefer to use the available eLearning and online examination process. This allows you the student to complete the theory online at home and allows us to focus our time together on the actual diving. We can, on request, arrange hardcopy materials. Please note there may be an additional charge for this service, due to the increased cost of supply and shipping.
  • Prerequisites; The prerequisites for each course are documented and available at If you require any further information simply get in touch. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they meet the prerequisite prior to booking onto a course. The prerequisites will be check by the instructor before the course commences. Please double check you meet and can provide proof of meeting the course prerequisites. The student concerned may not be able to proceed without this.
  • Diver skills; It is the student’s (your) responsibility to ensure readiness for the course on which they have enrolled. Please take the time to read the relevant course standards and be ready before you start your training. Take the time to prepare and practice! For example – if you see you will have to demonstrate back finning, learn the basics and practice it before you arrive.

Equipment & Configuration

  • Back-mount as standard; By default, all of our cave courses will be conducted using open circuit, in back-mount configuration and using 2×12’s. We advocate that all students adopt the DIR standard configuration, with a long hose arrangement. The exception is TDI Technical Sidemount Diver course.
  • Side-mount when needed; Sidemount is a tool to be used when it is suitable and appropriate to do so. Courses can be carried out in side-mount configuration only if all students on the course are certified as (or enrolled) side-mount divers (or equivalent) and all students wish to take the course using side-mount configuration.
  • Students personal equipment; It is the student’s responsibility to arrive with the required equipment for the course on which they are enrolled. It should be suitable, familiar, in good working order and maintained according to manufacturers standards. The required equipment for each course can be found in the TDI course standards –
  • Our hire equipment; Hire equipment is available but is not included in our course pricing. Please see our price list for current equipment hire rates.

Other costs you should be aware of

Additional Costs & Responsibilities

Gas Fills, Boat Fees & Site Access

  • Gas Fills; Course prices as standard do not include gas fills, for either the student or the instructor. The instructors gas bill is to be shared evenly between the students on the course. Students are responsible for paying their own gas bill and their share of the instructor’s gas bill. This should be paid directly to the local providers, by each student.
  • Boat fees; On certain courses, we may use locally skippered boat services. Students are responsible for paying their own boat fees and their share of instructor’s boat fees if any. This should be paid directly to the local providers, by each student.
  • Local charges; Some sites charge an additional cost for site entry, permissions/permits, parking or other services. Students are responsible for paying any local charges and their share of instructor’s local charges if any. This should be paid directly to the local providers, by each student.

Transportation Costs

  • Student transportation; Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to/from and during the course. The instructor will have transportation during the course but space may be limited. Please check first if you feel transport may be an issue. We will always do our best to accommodate the student/group needs.
  • Instructors reasonable transport; Included in the course pricing are our instructor’s reasonable transport costs – this includes travelling by road, up to a maximum of 5 hours driving or 400km either side of the agreed course location.
  • Instructors additional transport; Not included in our course pricing are the instructor’s transport requirements beyond those deemed reasonably included. This would be beyond 5 hours or 500 km of driving or when additional means of transport are required. Such as the channel tunnel, ferry or flights. Additional transport costs, if any, will be agreed in advance and communicated to the course cohort before any deposits are paid. These additional costs are shared evenly between the course cohort and are payable as an additional part of the deposit payment.


  • Student Accommodation; It is the student’s responsibility to arrange suitable accommodation for themselves/the group and the instructor. This should include appropriate sleeping arrangements for themselves/the group and the instructor. In shared accommodation, the instructor will require a separate bedroom to the students.
  • Instructor Accommodation; If no suitable accommodation is arranged for the instructor, a surcharge of €61.98 (Excl. IVA/VAT) per night will be payable to cover the instructor’s accommodation costs.
  • Mixed Gender Groups; Where the group is mixed gender, our instructor will require separate accommodation, unless agreed in advance of the booking. This helps avoid any uncomfortable situations for instructor and students alike.

What if you need to cancel or amend?

Cancellation & Refunds

General Cancellation Policy

  • Unable to attend; We have published our course pricing to make it clear and publically available to all. Our pricing is based on real world cost and the quality of the course you can expect to receive.
  • Discounts; For courses with three students, a discount of 10% will be provided to each student. This is to compensate for the slightly longer days as a result. There are no further discounts on offer, so please do not request one as refusal often offends. The course we provide are of the highest quality and are priced fairly for the level of training you will receive.
  • Additional days & remediation; Any additional training time required beyond the agreed course structure, will be charged at our advertised daily rate of €240 per day plus any additional expenses occurred, such as extra nights accomodation. This will need to be paid in advance of the additional training taking place.

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