We love Mexico and its amazing cenotes

If you have yet to visit Mexico, then what are you waiting for? It offers truly world-class cave diving! The cenotes are warm so its possible to dive in a wetsuit year-round and the visibility is amazing. It depends on your setup and experience of the area, but prices for a trip can vary vastly. It will depend on your need for guiding, transport and logistics. 10 days of guided dives will be expensive!

Also, another point to note is that many of the landowners are now charging extra for those carry professional-grade cameras during the dive. This is approx $20 USD on top of the entrance fees.

So, what can you expect to see?

In short, some truly spectacular dives sites, right from the jungle entries through to well-lit caverns and highly decorated room and tunnels.

Also, you can expect to meet plenty of other like-minded individuals looking to explore the cenotes. There is a multitude of centres that can offering guiding and or logistics in either the PLay del Carmen or Tulum areas. My personal preference though has to be staying in the smaller town of Tulum. I’m not going to give open recommendations here but happy to discuss maybe during a future course or dive together 😉

What level of a diver is this suitable for?.

There is literally something for everyone. You can make a cavern experience right through to exploration level cave dives. You name it, and its available!